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Steve Gregson is a London - based theatre photographer specialising in: ​


 Theatre & Live Arts Photography • Actors Headshots  

Creating striking, bold imagery for the Theatre and Performing Arts

Industries and beyond…

Specialist Theatre Photographer

A headshot is a casting directors first impression - make it a lasting one.

Theatre Photography has always been a huge part of my life. 

The theatre engrossed me from a young age and was/ is a powerful form of escapism. I performed for many years from a young age as an actor, stilt walker, percussionist, unicyclist (to name but a few things) in several performing arts companies travelling the globe. Then I got hugely involved in technical theatre.

I always documented and photographed what was going on, because I loved what I was doing. 

I knew I never wanted to be a performer, I wanted to be a drama teacher...

My life has revolved around theatre, from being a performer and technical manager of venues, to teaching drama and technical theatre in one of England’s top private schools for a decade. This experience is utterly invaluable to me in my photographic work. Having worked as a lighting designer on hundreds of productions, I have an in-depth knowledge of lighting design and principles of light, lighting systems, types and about their use and operation. 

Although I had photographed many live productions and had been documenting the theatrical process for years, I began to stop photographing multiple genres, and specialise in theatrical photography - though more out of necessity than desire. Having spent years designing, building and showcasing productions, the professional photographers hired to document the shows missed the brief and did not adequately capture what was shown on stage.  I'd had enough and knew I could do better! 

Photographing live theatre can be incredibly challenging, so understanding how light works, the importance of the design and concept as a whole and not just the actors onstage is a hugely important commodity - and advantage! 

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