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  • What is your background; Why do you specialise in Theatre and Headshot Photography?
    I have spent my entire life working in, or around the theatre. Acting from a young age, lead me into expanding into a career in drama and technical theatre where I used to both teach, and be responsible for all elements of theatrical design and application. It was the desire (and necessity) to photograph these designs that lead me to specialising in photographing within Theatre's - which I have now been doing for two decades. Portraiture and Headshot Photography was a natural progression. I am passionate about human connection and working with peeople - which is not something that can be achieved when photographing other peoples designs on stage - So I invested in a studio in 2012, and here we are...
  • There are so many photographers to choose from, why you?"
    Its no surprise, (nor anything new) that the headshot industry is oversaturated and with so many people offering cheap/ free sessions in order to build their portfolios - or to earn some extra money as their "side hustle." For me, this is my full time job, and full time passion. Any idiot can buy a digital camera and offer headshots and get reasonable results. However, this screams a lack of professionalism and willingness to invest in yourself, so why would a casting director then invest their time in you? You're paying for experience, expertise and results. Having worked as a lighting designer, I understand how light works - I don't rely on perfect weather conditions for an outdoor shoot to hide a lack of skill / expertise! (see any idiot with a digital camera!) The point of a headshot / casting portrait is to represent YOU as you are, in order to get you seen, and hopefully get you work. CD's will have in mind what they want to see, and will see you based on how you look. An airbrushed, high key image isn't the same person that will walk through the door. I pride myself in creating imagery that represents you, because it is you! A headshot is a casting directors first impression - make it a lasting one. Your investment in me, is my investment in you - and I will create images for you that are an accurate representation of you, your casting and your desired result. We'll work together until that is achieved. I don't operate a conveyor belt style to get you in and out, I care about your career!
  • What should I bring to a Headshot Session?
    Every photographer may ask for something different, but place faith and trust in that we know what we're doing! My recommendations? Firstly: KNOW YOUR CASTING. If you have the desire to be cast in a period drama and turn up with a wardrobe of sports attire - you won't get the results you desire. You're investing money in your brand, your marketing and yourself in a headshot - so invest some time in planning what to bring and wear. I'm proud to offer unlimited changes throughout the session - so variety is key. We want photographs that represent you, but that doesn't stop us from lending CD's a helping hand - in providing images of you with a heavy lean towards a costume, period or character type. Don't bring anything with a busy pattern; plain and simple for the win. Differing neck lines too. Bring a staple black/ grey top / T-shirt or shirts. Bring a colour top that compliments your eyes the most - For example, a blue top makes blue eyes appear brighter! A green top makes brown and green eyes stand out, Auburn hair pairs perfectly with green, etc etc... Bring clothes that you feel COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT in! Think about neck lines and things with some nice button detail - which can be add a degree of interest and lend to a casting type. Treat it as though CD's have no imagination, and you're on to a winner! Think about clothes that create a leading line to your face - (the important bit) - without distracting. Recent interviews with casting directors show that they tend not to favour turtle necks, or a lot of flesh on show; so I'd avoid these! Layers are important if wanting to show youth, young mum etc - as it adds a touch of depth. So bring a jacket/s that goes over the top of shirts/ T-shirt’s. It can entirely change a look. Like a smart blazer, denim/ leather jacket, etc. I often think that a leather jacket can be a little bit too literal, a 'look at me I'm a biker' if you will, but it certainly can have a place - depending on your casting/ desired outcome. If you know your casting, or have a specific intent on getting cast as a certain character - then try and focus on some clothing that are representative of that - whether that be a parent/ chav/ soldier etc (terrible examples, I know!) Hair - Ladies - have options to take it up off your face and the ability to change it. Hairspray, hair ties and brushes are essentials. Gents - You're more than welcome to have a shave midshoot, and hair changes are encouraged, if you can! Make Up - Less is always more. Neutral and natural tones are much better, and less distracting. Its easier to add, than remove... Iron & Fold nicely so that they don’t crease too much - Suit bags for the win!
  • After the shoot?
    After the shoot, I'll have a quick look through all of the photos and remove any with an exceptionally "derpy" faces - then sending you a link to your own web gallery. By logging in with an email address, you can select and store your favourites - and share the gallery with friends, family members and agents alike - each of which can select their own favourites. I then collate the images, so that your final selects can be made from the shortlist. Its a fuss-free and easy slection platform, suitable for mobile and desktop applications. Once selected, I tend to turn around the edited images and supply within seven days. I do all of the retouching myself, so I see the process through from start to finish. Retouching is to make amendments for you to look your best, removing blemishes etc - Your features are what make you unique - I won't be amending them! Should you wish to purchase images ontop of those included in the package - they can be purchased for £20 an image (also finished). All images are supplied in colour and black and white sized for printable media and web and socials use.
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