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Adelphi Theatre


Theatre 2020: Different Doors.


Theatre has always played a huge part in my life, engrossed from a young age it was a powerful form of escapism, education and enrichment.

It's my profession and my passion. 

When COVID-19 forced all of the theatres to close their doors for the foreseeable, I felt like I lost a part of myself. Unable to photograph theatrical performances, I decided to photograph theatres themselves.

Highlighting the closed doors of 49 venues, once bustling with life. 

From the magical facades enticing audience members at the front of the building, to the stage doors that performers aspire to one day cross, I wanted to show both the front and backstage entrances. Both magical for entirely different reasons, although not always matched in beauty. 

Below are images taken throughout July and August 2020 whilst the forced closure was in its peak. Although some venues are tentatively exploring new ways of performing, many doors remain closed.

“Since mine own doors refuse to entertain me,
I'll knock elsewhere, to see if they'll disdain me”

- William Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors.

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