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Womens Headshots

We'll Work Together To Get You Noticed

...I believe actors headshots are just as much about who you are as a person as opposed to what characters you might play. The job of a headshot is to get you noticed and seen by a casting director - I'll take photographs to get you through the door. 

Then it's up to you to showcase your talent, versatility and ability.  

There are lots of headshot photographers in London creating beautiful images, but mine showcase you - no gimmicks.

Honest Headshots 
Get You Noticed!

Headshots are ever evolving and being an actor is already a competitive market, especially in London. Whether you're an actor, musician, CEO or even an astronaut - you'll notice a sense of consistency in the imagery you see. 

You've trained for years, perhaps a lifetime and need images that represent you, in order to get you seen. That is what I will provide you with. 

Trends come and go. 

One thing I am entirely on board with, is the evolution of the 10x8 format. 

10x8 was used because thats what Spotlight used to use - back in the days of black and white because that was the only process available at the time. Now its becoming rare to see black and white images used on spotlight, and rightly so. 

A LOT has changed since Spotlight began in 1927. Whilst the format is still the same, your usage of the images has evolved and changed. 

I love creating landscape images, like those shown below, that you are able to then overlay infographics on - that can then be used for headers, bios etc. It collates all the information in one bitsesize chunk - your name, spotlight pin and even a hyperlink to take them through to your spotlight page. It looks clean, inviting and modern. 

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