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Headshots My Approach

I believe actors headshots are more about showcasing who you are as a person, as opposed to focussing solidly on what characters you might play. The job of a headshot is to get you noticed and seen by a casting director - then it's up to you to showcase your talent, versatility and ability.

I showcase your face, you showcase your talent. That's what we've both trained for!

Your headshot should represent you, so that the person on the page is the person that walks through their door, and that is what I will provide you with.

Whilst I'm sure we'd all love to spend our everyday lives looking like an image from the centrefold of a magazine - they're not true to life. 


Wrinkles, a slightly larger left ear, a bit of excess skin under the chin - its those quirks that make you... you! That might be exactly what a Casting Director is looking for - embrace it, love it, own it - work it! 


Of course the sort of characters you go up for are important, but when your personality comes through in your images, this can help to suggest your range.


Thats not to say that you shouldn't know/ be aware of your casting - you should!

We'll work to get images that represent you, but that doesn't mean to say we won't work towards creating some more dynamic ranges of imagery with

nod to a specific casting. 

That's not to say you'll be playing dress up - but certain clothes can give a helping hand to suggest casting types... 

You don't want several images on spotlight looking the same! 

Preparation is everything. Remember this is an investment. 

You wouldn't turn up to a casting or audition without having done any prep, this should be exactly the same. An audition could last 20 minutes, this headshot may have to represent you for over a year... 

This is your calling card. Your first port of call.

Your brand. YOU.

I won't say 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail' - but I'm definitely thinking it. 

As with anything in life, you get out what you put in. So taking some time to think, and discuss what you want to achieve is always of paramount importance. 


 I can't read minds, but I love to talk...

Get in touch!

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